Canadian Association of Palynologists/Association Canadienne des Palynologues (CAP) membership is open to all members of the palynological community in Canada and others with an interest in Canadian palynology. The Association is dedicated to the advancement and encouragement of all aspects of palynology in Canada and the promotion of co-operation between palynologists and those engaged in related fields of study. Membership dues include two issues a year of the CAP Newsletter, to which all members are invited to contribute. CAP is also affiliated with the International Federation of Palynological Societies (IFPS) and CAP members receive two issues of the IFPS newsletter (PALYNOS) each year.

CAP membership dues are $15 per year in Canadian or US funds payable at the beginning of the year. Lapsed members are removed from the mailing list after one year, following a reminder. Members may, if they wish, pay for up to three years in advance for a reduced amount of $40.

You have two options to become a member or renew your dues:


Complete the form below and send an e-transfer to fmccarthy[at]brocku[dot]ca (you may contact Francine directly for detailed, bank-specific instructions).

Is this a renewal of a new membership? Fees are $15 for 1 year or $40 for 3 years

Would you like to make a donation towards the CAP Student Award?

If you are the head of a palynology laboratory in Canada, may we include your name/ address/research interests/webpage in the online “Directory of Canadian Palynology labs” in the CAP website?

Do you permit your name/address/e-mail address to be included in the printed “World Directory of Palynologists” being compiled by IFPS?


Complete and print this fillable pdf membership form and attach a cheque (Canadian bank only) or money order payable to CAP and mail the form and payment to the following address:

Prof. Francine McCarthy,
Dept. of Earth Sciences, Brock University
St Catharines, ON, L2S 3A1, CANADA