CAP organization and administration

The Canadian Association of Palynologists was founded in 1978 and, at a recent count (September 23, 2016), had 54 members in good standing. The Association is run by a small executive. CAP members include palynologists from Universities, Industry and Government Agencies. CAP membership is drawn from the worldwide palynological community. The Association focusses on palynology from all geologic eras, spanning the Palaeozoic to the Quaternary. Palynologists from all branches of the discipline, from stratigraphic palynology, to palaeoecology, to melissopalynology, participate in the Association. We welcome new members!

CAP communicates primarily through a newsletter that is produced twice a year (typically May and December). The CAP website is intended as an information resource for CAP members and anyone else interested in Canadian palynology.

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