CAP administrative year

  • January 1: The new Executive takes office.
  • May: The CAP Newsletter appears and includes an announcement of the Annual General Meeting
  • September-October: Presentations at the Annual General Meeting include: President’s report; Secretary/Treasurer’s report; IFPS Representative’s report; Newsletter Editor’s report; Special committee reports (if any); Nominating Committee’s report; and the Auditor’s report. The Nominating Committee and Auditor for the next year are announced. The Nominating Committee’s job is to look for candidates to take office in the next year plus one.
  • November: The CAP Newsletter appears, with ballots if necessary. In practice, the Newsletter usually appears in December.
  • Reports are filed with the Government of Nova Scotia no more than 14 days after the Annual General Meeting, or change of Director(s), or a special resolution.

[This summary was provided by Rob Fensome. It originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 20(1):7 (1997).]