Report 1983

Administrative Report of the Canadian Association of Palynologists, 1983

Nominations for CAP

(Copy of a letter from G. Norris to D. J. McIntyre and A. Sweet, ISPG Calgary, 1983-10-25)

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the Nomination Committee for the Canadian Association of Palynologists. This is merely to confirm the following:

  1. Nominations are required for President (effective January 1984), President-Elect (effect January 1985), Secretary-Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor.
  2. No write-ins have been received in response to my invitation for nominations published in the last CAP Newsletter.
  3. Bert van Helden has indicated that he is willing to continue as Newsletter Editor.
  4. Rob Fensome (Dept. of Geology, University of Toronto) has indicated that he is willing to volunteer to take over from Jocelyne as Secretary-Treasurer.

Report of the Nominating Committee

The nominating committee for the 1984 CAP Executive begs to report as follows:

The following members have accepted their nominations in writing:

  • to be President – M. S. Barss
  • to be President-Elect – J. Terasmae
  • to be Secretary-Treasurer – R. A. Fensome
  • to be Newsletter Editor – B. G. van Helden

No other nominations were received.

Faithfully submitted,
D. J. McIntyre
A. Sweet

(In accordance with the By-laws the nominees will assume the responsibility of their respective offices as of 1984-01-01, Ed. [B. G. van Helden])

This administrative summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 6(2):1, 1983. No formal Minutes were published.