Report 1984

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 1984

Minutes of the CAP General Meeting at the VI IPC,

The meeting was convened at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, August 28, 1984 in Science Theatre #145, University of Calgary. M. S. Barss (President) and 22 other members were present, including the following who signed their names to a circulating sign-up sheet.

A. Achab, T. Anderson, D. Braman, W. Brideaux, R. Fensome, R. Hebda, J. Jansonius, A. Larouche, J. Legault, J. Macpherson, D. McIntyre, D. Michoux, R. Mott, F. Poetl, P. Richard, A. Sweet, J. Terasmae, B. van Helden, B. Warner.

Bert van Helden was recording secretary.

1. Opening

M. S. Barss opened the meeting and expressed disappointment that the first time that the CAP membership could meet in large numbers since its establishment coincided in time with a number of other functions in which CAP members were involved.

2. Membership

R. Fensome (Secretary-Treasurer) gave a membership report. As of mid-August 1984 CAP had 81 full members on its membership list. Of these, only 43 were fully paid up to 1984. There were also 13 corresponding (non-Canadian resident or “associate”) members.

A discussion followed regarding dues and their collection. Address labels with some indication of the year up to which the addressee is paid was suggested, as was the publishing of names of delinquents in the Newsletter. Fensome pointed out that the main concern is that CAP should have a reasonable “cushion” in the bank in order to pay for biannual newsletter postage and annual IFPS due ($1 per member per year).

It was pointed out that many members overlook paying their CAP dues probably because these dues are so minimal. The idea of multiple year dues was put forward. J. Legault moved and R. Hebda seconded the motion that “As of January 1985, CAP dues be paid on a three year basis”. The motion was carried unanimously.

R. Hebda moved and F. Poetl seconded the motion that “As of January 1985, CAP dues be $8 for three years”. The motion was carried unanimously.

3. Financial Statement

Fensome tabled the financial statement which was valid as of mid-August 1984 (see below).

4. Legal Status

The fact that CAP is not registered as a non-profit organization was raised. If CAP had such status, the IPC committee sould have received funds for the IPC in CAP’s name and certain problems would have been more easily overcome. Fensome pointed out that he had tried to obtain such status with Revenue Canada but that no such status appears to exist formally in the federal realm. Barss pointed out that this could be done provincially.

J. Legault moved and Fensome seconded the motion that “CAP obtain “legal” (i.e., non-profit) status with a provincial government”. The motion was carried unanimously.

5. Other business

  • P. Richard suggested that CAP should send a letter of congratulations to Mme. van Campo for 25 years of Pollen et Spores. This was unanimously agreed upon and the President directed the Secretary-Treasurer to send such a letter.
    B. van Helden moved and P. Richard seconded the motion that “CAP representative to IFPS, J. Utting, recommend that IFPS send a letter of congratulations to Mme. van Campo for 25 years of Pollen et Spores”. The motion was carried.
  • There was an extensive discussion on the timing of IPCs, notably on the point that they should not coincide with meetings of other related groups of scientists. No firm resolution developed however and the discussion was closed by the President.
  • It was pointed out that the President should send a letter to IFPS to indicate that J. Utting will continue to be CAP representative to that organization. Barss confirmed that he would do this.
  • The executive was reminded that a nominating committee should be nominated to procure a slate for the 1985 CAP executive. (Subsequent to the meeting the executive appointed R. Hebda (Chairman) and J. Legault to the nominating committee.)
  • W. Brideaux pointed out that GAC had instituted a committee to look into the status pf Canadian palaeontology in all its aspects.
  • B. van Helden called for items for the CAP Newsletter.

6. Adjournment

J. Legault moved and W. Brideaux seconded the motion that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was carried unanimously.

CAP Financial Statement

This is a summary of the financial statement presented at the CAP General Meeting on 1984-08-28 by R. A. Fensome, Secretary-Treasurer.August 1984.
Balance forward from J. Legault: $126.00

Dues: $157.54
Funds returned from Editor: $18.17
(Total:) $175.71

Postage of Newsletter: $115.42

Net Total*: $186.29
* (Out of which IFPS dues for 1984 and Winter Newsletter postage remains to be paid)

This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 7(2):1-2, 1984. The text has been slightly edited for clarity and a few typos corrected.