Report 1985

CAP Executive Meeting 1985

A meeting of the CAP Executive was held in El Paso, Texas on 1985-10-18.(As members of the executive were attending the 18th annual AASP meeting no travel expenses will be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer this time).

J. Terasmae – President
R. Mathewes – President-Elect
B. van Helden – Newsletter Editor
President J. Terasmae opened the meeting and a bottle of Christian Brothers Chablis at 5:00 pm.

Topcs of discussion included:

  • Interim financial statement as per 1985-08-31
    (printed elsewhere in this Newsletter, Ed.)
  • Membership report
    (printed elsewhere in this Newsletter, Ed.)
  • Proposed By-laws
    (printed elsewhere in this Newsletter, Ed.)
  • CAP Newsletter, citicism
    (omitted from this Newsletter, Ed.)
  • Nominating committee for the 1986 Executive

There being no further business and wine left the meeting was closed in complete chaos by the president at 7:00 pm

B. G. van Helden
Acting Secretary


CAP Financial Statement
(as of August 31, 1985)
Prepared by R. A. Fensome – Secretary/Treasurer.

Balance forward from statement of February 26, 1985 $234.06
Other credits:
Dues and subscriptions $130.00
Interest $6.81
Total credits $370.87
Office supplies $7.74
Refundable fee for incorporation $5.00
Bank charge (on bounced cheque) $2.50
Postage for newsletter $136.42
Net Total: $219.21


This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 8(2):1-2, 1984. The text has been slightly edited for clarity and a few typos corrected.