Report 1986

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 1986

Meeting held
October 30th, 1986
University of New York, Graduate Center
New York, USA
Prepared by B. G. van Helden (Recording Secretary) and R. A. Fensome (CAP Secretary/Treasurer)


R. W. Mathewes (President), R. A. Fensome (Secretary-Treasurer), J. K. Lentin (Newsletter Editor), S. Barss, J. Ford, D. Jarzen, S. Jarzen, J. Legault, C. McGregor, D. McIntyre, G. Norris, B. van Helden, G. Williams.


President Mathewes opening the meeting at 1:40 pm in Room 1401, Graduate Center of the University of New York. (In conjunction with the 19th AASP Meeting).


  1. President’s report (R. W. Mathewes):
    The President welcomed all CAP members and reported briefly on his year as chief CAP officer.
  2. Financial report (R. A. Fensome):
    The Secretary-Treasurer presented the financial report for the period 08-31-1985 to 10-24-1986 (see below). He expressed concern over the substantial increase in the June 1986 Newsletter postal charges.
  3. Membership report (R. A. Fensome): The Secretary-Treasurer presented the membership report as per October 1986 (see below).
  4. Newsletter report (J. K. Lentin):
    The Newsletter Editor noted that the November Newsletter will be relatively short, and made a strong plea for contributions. (“What’s new, Judi?!” B. v. H.)
  5. Proposed By-Laws: The Secretary-Treasurer reported that ballots attached to the winter 1985 Newsletter were received from 20% of the membership. The response was overwhelmingly favourable. And some comments attached to the ballots were helpful in clarifying the By-Laws. Fensome pointed out tht as a result of the comments, he had modified the By-Laws so that Canadian citizens residing outside of Canada would qualify for full membership in CAP; previously only Canadian residents had been eligible. He also indicated that a volunteer is required to translate the By-Laws into French.It was noted that the fees were stipulated in the By-Laws. A free discussion followed regarding the advisability of this and also whether, in light of the Society’s current financial plight, the fees should be raised. It was concluded that:a. the fees should be raised to $5.00 per year, payable up to three years in advance.b. stipulation of the membership fees should be excluded from the By-Laws.

    c. it should be part of the agenda of each annual meeting to review the financial status of the Society and revise the dues structure if deemed necessary and By-Law 18 should be revised accordingly.

    d. the Secretary-Treasurer, after making these revisions and making a final careful check that there are no inconcsistencies in the By-Laws, was directed to finalize the incorporation procedure to make CAP a registered non-profit organization.

    Norris moved and Williams seconded the motion that this package of resolutions be accepted in their entirety. The motion carried unanimously.

  6. Nominating Committee: Williams and Jarzen accepted the responsibility to act on a nominating committee for the 1987 executive. Van Helden volunteered to act as Auditor for 1987 by accidentally raising his hand.
  7. Other Business:
    The possibility of some CAP involvement at the 1987 Halifax AASP meeting was discussed; we could perhaps sponsor a social event. The membership at large felt that no action should be taken at this time.
  8. Closing: Moved by Legault, seconded by Lentin, the meeting was adjourned at 2:20 pm.


 CAP Financial Statement
(as at 24 October 1986)


Balance forward 31-8-1985 $219.21
Other credits
Dues and subcriptions $312.36
Interest $16.55
Refunded fee for incorporation $5.00
Total credits: $553.12
IFPS dues $93.75
Postage for Newsletter:
Feb-86 $73.49
Jun-86 $131.94
Total debits: -$299.18
Balance: $253.94


CAP Membership Report


Full members
Paid up beyond 1988 3
Paid up to 1988 inclusive 19
Paid up to 1987 inclusive 32
Paid up to 1986 inclusive 16
Paid up to 1985 inclusive 3
Total (70 eligible for IFPS dues) 73
Associate members
(Paid up to 1986 or beyond) 15
Institutional members 4


This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 9(2):18-19, 1986, with the financial and membership reports appearing on p. 1. The text has been slightly edited for clarity and a few typos corrected.