Report 1987

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 1987

Meeting held
October 8th, 1987
Baronet Room, Chateau Halifax Hotel
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Recorded by Tom Demchuk (Recording Secretary) and Martin Head (CAP Secretary/ Treasurer)

CAP Directors: Bert van Helden (President Elect), Judi Lentin (Newsletter Editor), Martin Head (Secretary Treasurer), John Utting (IFPS Councillor)

Other members: Sedley Barss, Thomas Demchuk, Graham Dolby, Marc D’Iorio, Rob Fensome, Jan Ford, Javier Helenes. Jan Jansonius, Jocelyne Legault, Bill MacMillan, Colin McGregor, Dave McIntyre, Rolf Mathewes, Peta Mudie, Geoff Norris, Art Sweet, Bob Turner, Laurent de Verteuil, Erwin L. Zodrow

1. Opening: President Elect Bert van Helden opened the meeting at 1:05 pm. Copies of the agenda were distributed among members

2. Acceptance of the minutes of the previous general meeting: Moved by Fensome and seconded by Mathewes.

3. President’s Report (Wayne Brideaux): Bert van Helden welcomed all CAP members and read President Wayne Brideaux’s report summarizing year as chief CAP officer.

4. Finanical Report (Martin Head): The Secretary.Treasurer presented the financial report (see below) for the period 19-2-87 to 14-9-87 and showed a positive balance of $217.21.

5. Report of Auditor (Geoff Norris): G. Norris reported that the financial statement prepared by the Secretary-Treasurer was a full and fair account of the financial affairs of the Association (but admitted that he had problems balancing his monthly chequing account).

6. Membership Report (Martin Head): The Secretary-Treasurer presented the membership report (see below) as at 18th September 1987 and reported a total membership of 87 paid up to 1987 or beyond.

7. Acceptance of the Secretary-Treasurer’s reports moved by Mathewes and seconded by Legault

8. Newsletter report (Judi Lentin): The Newsletter Editor restated the need for Newsletter contributions and that she would accept (almost) anything. A brief discussion followed, concerning the present format of the Newsletter and whether improvements could be made by its production on a Macintosh computer. The membership at large however deemed this to be unnecessary (at which point Martin Head was consoled by Judi Lentin).

9. IFPS Representative’s report (John Utting): CAP’s IFPS Representative reported on upcoming meetings and possible CAP involvement in future ANAPS meetings. John also reportedthat contrary to rumour in certain (particularly Japanese) circles, no definite decision had been reached at that time over the venue for the 8th IPC due to be held in 1992. John noted that his term as IFPS representative was coming to an end that his successor should have funding for postage of PALYNOS (the IFPS Newsletter).

7. Invited report (Rob Fensome): Rob, who as the former Secretary-Treasurer, was largely responsible for CAP’s incorporation status, displayed the Certificate of Incorporation, at which point there was spontaneous applause for Rob’s efforts. Rob re-iterated the need for a French translation of CAP’s by-laws.

8. Review of dues structure: It was agreed not to increase annual dues.

9. Submission of nominations for the 1988 executive: Judi Lentin (Newsletter Editor) and Martin Head (Secretary-Treasurer) offered to continue to serve in their respective portfolios for 1988. Bert van Helden (president elect for 1987) agreed to serve as President of CAP for 1988. None of these positions was contested.

10. Appointment of new nominating committee: Bob Turner and Jocelyne Legault agreed to serve as the 1988 nominating committee.

11. Appointment of Auditor: Geoff Norris offered to audit CAP’s books for 1988.

12. Other business:

i. Tom Demchuk volunteered to assiste Judi Lentin with the production of the Newsletter.

ii.Sedley Barss raised the interesting point that the positive balance reported in the Financial Statement included membership dues for 1988 and beyond (as has traditionally been done), and that if these are subtracted (as may be required by law under new incorporation status) CAP could face a deficit situation. Martin Head and Rob Fensome agreed to investigate this matter.

iii. A discussion ensued as to whether CAP activities should extend beyond the production of a newsletter and an Annual Business Meeting. The suggestion was raised that CAP might consider the possibility of having its own (or periodic) Technical Meeting. Geoff Norris commented that this matter had been addressed in the early days of CAP and that it had been agreed that, not only duid presently held meetings (such as that by AASP) quite adequately serve our needs, but that additional meetings could have a divisive effect on the palynologic community.

iv. It was suggested that an updated CAP membership directory might be a timely idea.

13. Closing: Moved by Legault, seconded by Fensome, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.

 CAP Financial Statement

Balance forward (19 February 1987) $281.17
Other credits
Dues and subcriptions $194.00
Interest $0.56
Total credits: $475.73
IFPS dues $110.66
Bank charges $14.01
Postage for winter Newsletter $133.85
Total debits: -$258.52
Balance: $217.21

 CAP Membership Report
(as at 18th September 1987)

Full members
Paid up beyond 1988 12
Paid up to 1988 inclusive 22
Paid up to 1987 inclusive 34
Paid up to 1986 inclusive 12
Sub-total 80
Associate members
Paid up beyond 1988 5
Paid up to 1988 inclusive 6
Paid up to 1987 inclusive 4
Paid up to 1986 inclusive 1
Sub-total 16
Institutional members
Paid up beyond 1988 0
Paid up to 1988 inclusive 2
Paid up to 1987 inclusive 2
Paid up to 1986 inclusive 0
Sub-total 4
Total membership
Paid up beyond 1988 17
Paid up to 1988 inclusive 30
Paid up to 1987 inclusive 40
Paid up to 1986 inclusive 13
Sub-total 100

CAP has a total of 87 members in good standing for 1987. The CAP all-time membership table shows that membership has fared extremely well despite the recent slump in the oil industry.


The penultimte sentence of paragraph 9 is incorrect and based on a misunderstanding at the AGM. It should be replaced by “Wayne Brideaux (President) and Bert van Helden (President-Elect) will continue their 2 year terms (as laid down in the by-laws)”. This should follow the sentence “Neither of these positions was contested”.

This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 10(2):9-10, 1987, with the financial and membership reports appearing on p. 8. Erratum appeared in CAP Newsletter 11(1):2. The text has been slightly edited for clarity and a few typos corrected. However, the paragraph numbering remains as in the original.