Report 1989

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 1989

Meeting held
Wednesday, October 18th, 1989
Sheraton Kensington Hotel, Room 312
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening.
  2. Minutes of the 1988 Annual General Meeting.
  3. President’s Report.
  4. Secretary/Treasurer’s Reports –
    Balance Sheet
    Auditor’s Report
    Membership Report
  5. Dues Structure.
  6. Newsletter Editor’s Report.
  7. IFPS Representative’s Report.
  8. Nominating Committee, appointment (1990-1992 slate).
  9. Auditor’s appointment.
  10. Application for membership in the Canadian Geoscience Council?
  11. Other business.
  12. Closing.


Recording Secretary: T. DemchukIn attendance: S. Barss, E. Burden, T. Demchuk (Recording Secretary), M. Head (Treasurer), D. Jarzen (Presiding), S. Jarzen, J. Legault, R. Mathewes, G. Williams.


1. The meeting was called to order at 5.07 pm (local time) by D. Jarzen, who was presiding over the meeting in the absence of the President, B. G. T. van Helden.

2. The minutes of the previous meeting (October 11, 1988 in Houston) were read by Head. Accepted Legault/Barss. No discussion.

3. The President’s message was read by D. Jarzen.

4 and 5. These two items were discussed together, and given as handouts at the meeting. Head mentioned that G. Norris has not audited the Treasurer’s Report as yet, but will before the next Newsletter. It was reported that CAP was $53.29 in the black, but this was due to Chevron “losing” the bill for a mailout. Mathewes asked if any interest was accumulating on this money, and Head thought not. It was felt by the majority present that this money should be invested wisely and not squandered.

With respect to dues, Head felt that an increase is not warranted at this time. Head reported that the current CAP membership stands at 73, but has been declining. Legault moved to accept the financial and membership reports, Mathewes seconded. No further discussion.

6. A letter from the Newsletter Editor (A. Beaudoin) was presented to attendants. Head wished to acknowledge that Beaudoin’s first Newsletter was excellent. Everybody agreed!

7. The IFPS Report was given by D. Jarzen as a handout. With respect to two members of CAP (Watt and Yamamura) it was declared that they are no longer members of the palynological community, having moved on to other interests. Mathewes inquired as to how many IFPS Newsletters were sent out each year. Jarzen replied that two are sent to each member. Mathewes further mentioned that multiple copies had been received since he is a member of more than one palynological organization. Jarzen said that he had mentioned this to J. Canright, to straighten out the membership lists and avoid duplication in mailing. Jarzen further stated that Canright has already begun work on the North American mailing lists.

8. It was mentioned that Bujak and van Helden were on two-year terms and thus need not be replaced for next year. Beaudoin will remain as Editor, and Head as Treasurer. Barss moved to accept the Nominating Committee’s Report. Seconded by Legault.

9. Head moved that Norris be appointed auditor (again). Seconded by S. Jarzen.

10. The meeting handout contained a letter from Grant Mossop (Head of the Canadian Geoscience Council) to B. G. T. van Helden. Legault pointed out that CAP is not strictly a geological organization and that membership in CGC may not be fully useful. Head said that membership is not particularly attractive financially and it may become a burden on CAP and its members. Mathewes echoed these sentiments stating that membership in CAP should be at little cost and remain an informal, essentially a newsletter organization. D. Jarzen asked if AASP has benefited from membership in AGI, and further expressed concern over CAP’s declining membership. Barss mentioned that if members wish information on CGC, that organizations such as GAC can do. Legault then stated that membership may not be warranted at this exact time, but to keep abreast of the idea. This was then voted on by the attendants: Six votes not to join CGC, and one in favour of joining.

At this time in the meeting, Graham Williams arrived, and was given a brief run down of events by D. Jarzen.

This vote against CGC means yearly dues will remains as is.

11. New Business

i. With respect to the Nominating Committee for next year (to find a new President-Elect), Legault nominated van Helden, seconded by Mathewes.

ii. Legault asked whether CAP could co-sponsor a symposium at the NAPC-V meeting in Chicago. D. Jarzen then questioned whether co-sponsoring at the AASP in Banff (1990) would be a better idea.

iii. Head brought up the idea of being able to pay CAP membership dues more than one year in advance. He mentioned that the current one-year only format may be affecting membership. Legault asked why the policy had been changed in the first place, and Barss replied that it was easier to implement any dues increases under the present system. Legault felt that we should go back to the old format, and Head agreed stating that the general CAP membership had supported it. Barss still had doubts. Legault thought the wording of such a motion should be “allow payment for up to three years in advance..” Mathewes seconded such a motion. At this point, Barss agreed to the new wording, and added that a registration form should be placed in the Newsletter (similar to AASP) to remind people that membership payments are due. Everybody agreed, with one abstention in a subsequent vote.

iv. Williams informed CAP that a proposal had been presented to AASP for a special publication “Palynology and Stratigraphy”. The Chief Editor will be Jan Jansonius, with four of the five co-editors being CAP members.

12. Barss moved for adjournment, Legault seconded.

President’s Report

Welcome to all CAP members and other less fortunate palynologists to this our 1989 Annual General Meeting!It seems that traditionally CAP members no longer attend these meetings once they have become President and my absence from this meeting confirms this observation! Budgetary constraints formed the main obstacle in my attempts to be present and chair this meeting, for which I apologize!

I am grateful to Martin Head, David Jarzen and Tom Demchuk for sharing my responsibilities between the three of them and I request that you will be extra kind to them during this meeting! It is clear that it takes three ordinary people to do the job I normally do with such ease!

At the 1988 Annual General Meeting in Houston (at which 100% of all the CAP members who were attending AASP were present!) the CAP executive received a mandate to explore aspects, opinions and ideas about the present and future status of palynology in Canada. The following avenues were pursued:

a. Concerns about the status and future of palynology were voiced by your President in the CAP Newsletter (Vol. 11, No.2, November 1988).

A similar message was expressed by AASP President, H. A. Leffingwell in the AASP Newsletter (Vol. 22, No. 2, April 1989) and your President’s Message was reprinted in the AASP Newsletter (Vol. 22, No. 2, July 1989).

b. A questionnaire on “Employment in Palynology” was distributed through the CAP Newsletter (Vol. 11, No. 2, November 1988 and again in Vol. 12, No. 1, May 1989).

Completed questionnaires are still pouring in at the rate of two per year at the Newsletter Editor’s desk and the results have not yet been fully analyzed.

c. Possibility of CAP joining the Canadian Geoscience Council (See CAP Newsletter, Vol. 12, No. 1, May 1989).

AASP has recently affiliated with AGI, the US counterpart of the Canadian Geoscience Council.

In my opinion CAP can benefit by affiliation with this Council and I am soliciting comments and opinions from the membership at large on this subject, which will be discussed in detail under a separate agenda item.

The other mandate your CAP executive received at the 1988 Annual General Meeting was to explore possibilities for CAP to co-sponsor the 1990 AASP meeting in Banff. This is currently being investigated by the Organizing Committee.

Alwynne Beaudoin, our Newsletter Editor, is plagued by some of the afflictions suffered by her predecessors: lack of oxygen, i.e., support from CAP members to contribute to the Newsletter! Once more I make an urgent plea to all CAP members for contributions: believe me, we are genuinely interested in your palynological ventures!

Realizing that there are several important items on the agenda for this meeting (which should not last for more than three hours!), I would like to refrain from further verbal diarrhoea other than by expressing my sincere thanks to all you members for attending this meeting, to Alwynne Beaudoin for having made such an excellent start as CAP Newsletter editor, to David Jarzen and Tom Demchuk for their help in alleviating my responsibilities at this meeting and to Martin Head for his usual efficient and concise Secretary/Treasurer’s report: to all of you a vote of thanks is in order!

I would also like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the AASP Organizing Committee for providing CAP with the facilities to hold this meeting.

To you all: observe the time, be extremely brief in your criticism, be concise in your comments and be obedient to your leader!

Have a good meeting!

Bert van Helden, CAP President 1989-1990

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
Membership Report

Paid up to 1988 (inclusive): Full members 66 TOTAL MEMBERSHIP 82
Correspondents 14
Institutional Members 2
Paid up to 1989 (inclusive): Full members 51 TOTAL MEMBERSHIP 64
Correspondents 12
Institutional Members 1
Prepaid 1990 (inclusive): Full members 29 TOTAL MEMBERSHIP 37
Correspondents 7
Institutional Members 1
Prepaid 1991-1993 (inclusive): Full members 9 TOTAL MEMBERSHIP 16.4
Correspondents 7.4
Institutional Members 0

CAP had a total of 64 members (51 full members, 12 correspondents, and 1 institutional member) in good standing at October 12, 1989. The CAP membership chart illustrates a steady decline in total membership since 1986. A major component of this sad decline is a drop in paid-up full membership. This will probably (hopefully) improve somewhat before the end of the year.

Martin Head, Secretary/Treasurer

 IFPS Representative’s Report

1. Three Vice-Presidents have now been elected. Drs. A. LeThomas, Paris, France, and S. Blackmore, London, U.K., will represent actuopalynology while Dr. B.S. Venkatachala will represent palaeopalynology.2. CAP dues are paid through 1989. Payments made by M. J. Head this year include $15.00 US to cover late 1988 dues and $56.00 US for 1989 dues.

3. Bert van Helden has forwarded a complete, original (!) set of CAP Newsletters to Al Traverse for inclusion in the IFPS archives. Bert noted to Al that “I parted with this set with a bleeding heart but, of course, the well-being of IFPS must have priority over such earthly feelings”.

4. Two issues (numbers) of PALYNOS have been distributed to CAP members since I have been Councillor. Vol 11 (2) and Vol. 12 (1) were posted to members of CAP who are not members of AASP. However, even with the care taken by Jim Canright to avoid duplication of names on various mailing lists, and likewise completeness of individual society lists, some individuals cannot be located. For CAP the following names are listed as CAP members but their whereabouts are unknown: a) Judith A. Watt and b) Deborah Yamamura. Anyone know their current address and status?

5. As always, I would appreciate any information on individual or group endeavours as to meetings, field work, new discoveries, future plans, etc., which I may pass on as a collective report for an issue of PALYNOS.

D. M. Jarzen, CAP Councillor to IFPS 1988-1992

This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 12(2):5-11, 1989. It has been slightly edited for clarity.