Report 1991

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 1991

Meeting held
Monday, October 21st, 1991, 7:30 pm
Holiday Inn, San Diego
California, USA

Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening.
  2. Acceptance of the minutes from the 1990 Annual General Meeting.
  3. President’s Report.
  4. Secretary/Treasurer’s Reports –
    Balance Sheet
    Auditor’s Report
    Membership Report
  5. Newsletter Editor’s Report.
  6. Dues Structure Review.
  7. Nominating Committee’s Report
  8. Report of CAP Councillor to IFPS.
  9. Other business.
  10. Closing of meeting.


In attendance: G. L. Williams (CAP President), E. T. Burden (President-Elect), B. G. van Helden (Recording Secretary), M. S. Barss, J. H. Ford, J. Jansonius, W. A. S. Sarjeant, A. Sweet.


2. Opening
The President opened the meeting at 7:31 pm. As a result of an overwhelming interest in this event there was standing-room only in the large main ballroom! (Which in part was attributed to the fact that all chairs were removed prior to the meeting!) The President expressed a vote of thanks to the hotel management for this excellent location.

3. Minutes of the 1990 AGM
(As printed in CAP Newsletter 13(2):7-8, Dec. 1990). Moved by van Helden, seconded by Barss that the minutes be accepted as printed. Carried.

4. President’s Report
The President thanked M. J. Head, Secretary, for his usual complete documentation and preparation for this meeting. He also expressed a vote of sincere thanks to A. B. Beaudoin, Newsletter Editor, for her continuing efforts which resulted in such high-quality Newsletters! In his opinion the CAP Newsletter excels those of comparable organizations.

5. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
(As printed below) With a total of 83 members, CAP is doing quite well financially and the Secretary/Treasurer extended a vote of thanks to all corresponding members for their support. Moved by Jansonius, seconded by van Helden that the report be accepted. Carried.

6. Newsletter Editor’s Report
(As printed below). Moved by Barss, seconded by Jansonius that the report be accepted. Carried.

7. Dues Structure Review
The President remarked that CAP is doing quite well financially and saw no need for an increase in dues for the coming year.

8. Nominating Committee’s Report
B.G. van Helden has no report for 1991-1992 as all CAP officers carry on for another year!

President – G. L. Williams
President-Elect – E. T. Burden
Secretary/Treasurer – M. J. Head
Newsletter Editor – A. B. Beaudoin

G. Norris was again volunteered to act as Auditor for 1992. The Nominating Committee (van Helden, Barss) will report again at the 1992 AGM.

9. General Business

a. 1992 AGM venue (G.L. Williams)
(M.S. Barss was informed that AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. Provided that there is a sufficient quantity of printing ink and paper space available, the announcement for the next AGM will, at his request, be printed as Annual General Meeting.)

The President solicited ideas for the venue for the 1992 AGM, as the next AASP meeting will be held in conjunction with the IPC in Aix-en-Provence. Van Helden moved, seconded by Jansonius, that the 1992 Annual General Meeting of CAP be held in conjunction with the 1992 Canadian Biostratigraphy Meeting in Ottawa (last week of September). After a lengthy discussion the proposal was carried.

b. CAP Participation in the 1993 GAC/MAC Meeting (B. G. van Helden)
Extensive discussion followed van Helden’s proposal. The following concerns were expressed: high registration fees of $150 (Jansonius); two conferences (GAC, AASP) in the same year (Barss); two concurrent meetings (CAP, GAC) (Burden). As the proposal stresses the geological applications of palynology, it can be viewed as excellent PR for the science of palynology. The President ordered the organizing committee (McIntyre, Beaudoin, van Helden) to proceed with the necessary steps.

c. Scholarships (E. T. Burden)
Burden proposed that CAP seeks industry support for a palynological Centre of Excellence, similar to avenues pursed by AASP. Discussion followed and Sarjeant proposed to name the project “HANDI-CAP.” The President set up an ad hoc committee (Williams, Norris and Burden) to look into the prospects for setting up a scholarship or trust fund from money to be obtained through the oil industry or otherwise.

10. Closing
There being no further business, the President closed the meeting at 8:30 pm. (Moved by Williams, seconded by van Helden.)

Newsletter Editor’s Report

The next issue (December) of the Newsletter is well in hand with several articles submitted already, and I have some articles promised for the May 1992 issue. I want to draw attention to the following points:

1. I have been experimenting with including photographs in the Newsletter. The ones from the last AASP meeting in Banff reproduced quite well. Readers liked the photos and thought there should be more. I can include photos provided they are submitted as black-and-white half-tones with good contrast. I can also include scanned images or graphics directly in the text if they are submitted on disk, preferably in .PCX format for MS-DOS, although I can translate files from some other formats, such as Macintosh Superpaint for example. I would like to include more illustrations but I need more submitted.

2. The long essay by Svein Manum in the last issue was very popular. Again, I would like to include more of this type of discussion and essay article; these make the Newsletter more substantive and give it, I feel, a wider appeal. I ask that CAP members think about submitting more of these longer articles, which could consist of historical notes, discussion of new results or work in progress, or abstracts of longer reports for example.

3. Over the years, we have exchanged Newsletters with other societies. Often, these exchanges are a valuable source of information. Not all have been productive; there are seven from which I have not received any news for years. I have written to the contacts for these societies, asking if they wish to continue the exchanges. I have had replies from only two so far. I suspect in some cases editors have changed. With rising mail costs, I feel it is not useful to continue to send Newsletters to societies without a clear indication that they wish to continue the exchange. In addition, without a reply, I cannot be sure that the Newsletter is reaching appropriate or interested people. Accordingly, I intend to prune the mailing list and cease sending copies to the five silent societies. Of course, I can re-institute exchanges in future if there is renewed interest by them in CAP.

I thank everyone who has contributed material over the last year, and ask that people continue to send me items for future issues. I would also be glad to hear of suggestions for new features, improvements or changes to the Newsletter. Unless there are any objections, I am happy to continue as CAP Newsletter editor.

[Extract from letter to Graham Williams, CAP President, September 24th, 1991]

Alwynne B. Beaudoin, CAP Newsletter Editor
Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Secretary/Treasurer’s Reports
Membership Report

Paid up to 1989 (inclusive): Full members 56
Correspondents 15
Institutional Members 3
Paid up to 1990 (inclusive): Full members 61
Correspondents 21
Institutional Members 3
Prepaid to 1991 (inclusive): Full members 55
Correspondents 25
Institutional Members 3
Prepaid to 1992 (inclusive): Full members 39
Correspondents 22
Institutional Members 0
Prepaid to 1993 (inclusive): Full members 21
Correspondents 12
Institutional Members 0
Prepaid 1994-1995 (inclusive): Full members 4
Correspondents 3
Institutional Members 0

Membership figures are as of October 9th, 1991, when CAP had a total of 83 members in good standing comprising 55 full members, 25 correspondents, and 3 institutional members. Compare this to the equivalent set of figures for last year (October 5th, 1990) — 79 members in good standing comprising 57 full members, 19 correspondents, and 3 institutional members. I should mention that these 1990 figures are less than those indicated on the chart because they predate late dues payments — likewise we can expect 1991 figures to increase before year end.

Without going into Fourier analysis, membership patterns reveal buoyant total membership figures. However, trends are towards decreasing full members and increasing foreign correspondents, i.e., decreasing home support but increasing interest from abroad.

In positive terms, increased foreign correspondents coupled with Newsletter exchanges, which are not reflected in the membership figures, gives CAP Newsletter contributors a near global audience.

Martin J. Head, CAP Secretary/Treasurer, Toronto, Ontario

 Report of CAP Councillor to IFPS

This year’s Councillor’s Report is very short, inasmuch as little communication has been received from Utrecht.CAP continues as an IFPS member in good standing, thanks to our prompt payment of dues – thank you, Martin!

PALYNOS has been distributed as received from Jim Canright.

The most important, recent event was the posting of the Second Circular of the 8th IPC. These were mailed September 16th, 1991, to all CAP members who responded to the First Circular. If any CAP member did not receive the Second Circular, which contains the necessary registration materials, they may do so by contacting directly:

Dr. Jean-Pierre Suc
Secretary, 8th IPC
Palynologie, Case 061
Université Montpellier II
F-34095 Montpellier
Cedex 5, France
[Extract from a letter to Martin Head, September, 1991]

David M. Jarzen, CAP Councillor to IFPS 1988-1992
Canadian Musem of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario

This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 14(2):4-9, 1991. It has been slightly edited for clarity.