Report 1994

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 1994

Meeting held
Tuesday, May 17th, 1994, 5 p.m.
South 110 Lounge, University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

The CAP AGM, as announced in the last Newsletter, was held during the GAC Meeting in Waterloo. Unfortunately, only the President, Elliott Burden, was present. Because the AGM did not have a quorum, all business from this meeting is carried over to the next AGM which will be held during the AASP Meeting in Ottawa in October 1995. The main Assocation business outstanding is voting on the new slate of officers (see the Nominating Commitee’s Report, below). In lieu of minutes, reports from members of the CAP Executive follow.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Reports
Membership Report

On November 14, 1994, CAP had a total of 67 members in good standing, comprising 50 full members, 12 correspondents, and 5 institutional members (see Chart and Table). Please consult the Dues Due section of this newsletter to see if your membership subscription is due. The chart shows a decline in total membership that has continued since 1992, with the subsequent loss of 27 members. However, full members have steadied in number since last year — a hopeful sign for Canadian palynology. Losses are mostly from our “correspondents” (overseas members), and, as I mentioned in the May issue of the Newsletter, CAP will do well to market itself more agressively order to attract new overseas members. The AASP Annual Meeting in Ottawa, 1995 (“a CAPital experience”) will offer a perfect opportunity to do this.Martin J. Head, CAP Secretary/Treasurer, Toronto, Ontario

Paid up to 1992 (inclusive): Full members 63
Correspondents 28
Institutional Members 3
Paid up to 1993 (inclusive): Full members 52
Correspondents 22
Institutional Members 5
Prepaid to 1994 (inclusive): Full members 50
Correspondents 12
Institutional Members 5
Prepaid to 1995 (inclusive): Full members 25
Correspondents 9
Institutional Members 2
Prepaid to 1996-98 (inclusive): Full members 15
Correspondents 7
Institutional Members 1

Newsletter Editor’s Report

The Newsletter production continues in a satisfactory state with steady input of interesting articles from the membership. I would encourage all CAP members, particularly those who have not contributed recently, to consider submitting some material. All items on palynological topics are welcome — field work reports, conference reports, research notes, thesis abstracts, book reviews, opinions, and announcements. However, I would like to draw attention to a new feature, a listing of recent publications by CAP members and correspondents. I look forward to contributions for this and other sections of the Newsletter.I propose to assemble a Special Issue of the Newsletter for the 1995 AASP meeting in Ottawa. I suggest that this might consist principally of long abstracts, up to perhaps two pages, outlining research projects by Canadian palynologists. It could also include lists of institutes offering palynology courses in Canada and locations or agencies where palynologists are employed. The purpose of this Newsletter would be to showcase Canadian palynology to the delegates, many from the US, at the AASP meeting. This publication would also be a good way to take stock of the status of Canadian palynology. The issue would be distributed to registrants at the meeting and mailed to other CAP members and correspondents not present in Ottawa. I have consulted the CAP Executive and received a favourable and enthusiastic response. Martin Head informs me that CAP funds should be sufficient to cover the publication and distribution costs of an extra issue. I would be glad to receive the opinion of the AGM on this idea.

Finally, unless there are any objections, I will be glad to continue as Newsletter Editor for a further year.

Alwynne B. Beaudoin
CAP Newsletter Editor

Nominating Committee’s Report

The Nominating Committee (Drs. Bert G. Van Helden and M. Sedley Barss) for the 1995-1996 Slate of Officers begs to report as follows:The following CAP members in good standing have given their consent to be nominated for:

  • President-elect – Dr. Ian D. Campbell, Canadian Forest Service, Edmonton
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Dr. Martin J. Head, Department of Geology, University of Toronto
  • Newsletter Editor – Dr. Alwynne B. Beaudoin, Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton
  • IFPS Representative – Dr. David M. Jarzen, Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa
  • Auditor – Dr. Geoff Norris, Department of Geology, University of Toronto

Dr. Glen M. MacDonald (President-elect), McMaster University, Ontario, will become President.

Respectfully submitted
Bert G. Van Helden
Calgary, Alberta

This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 17(2):4-7, 1994. It has been slightly edited for clarity.