Report 2004

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 2004

Meeting held at
11th IPC, Granada, Spain
Wednesday July 7, 2004

Present: R. Mathewes (Chair), F. McCarthy (Recording Secretary), B. Van Helden (Official Photographer), J. Ford, J. Utting, A. Sweet, M.Head, G. Chmura, J. N. Haas

  1. Welcome and opening of meeting (Rolf Mathewes on behalf of C. Yansa, who was unable to attend, but sent material for distribution); 7:35 PM
    – congratulations extended to Martin Head, second former CAP president to become president of AASP
    -motion to approve agenda, modified by striking item 13: duplication of Item 8 (J. Utting, B. Van Helden; CARRIED)
  2. Review and acceptance of Minutes of 2003 AGM
    – motion to approve minutes , pending correction of typos (B. Van Helden, M. Head; CARRIED) (typos noted: Jan Jansonius, B.G.T. Van Helden, J. Legault)
  3. President’s Report (C. Yansa); read by R. Mathewes
    – poster was a promotional success at IPC; members present remarked on the unfortunate absence of G. Norris and a number of other preQuaternary palynologists from the poster
  4. Secretary/ Treasurer’s Reports (M. Pellatt); read by R. Mathewes
    – student support for proposed Regina AASP/CAP meeting agreed to be possible use of funds
  5. Newsletter Editor’s Report (M. Vetter); read by R. Mathewes
    – Mary’s desire to step down soon noted; F. McCarthy volunteered to take over beginning with the May 2005 newsletter
  6. Webmaster’s Report (A. Beaudoin); read by R. Mathewes
    – B. Van Helden moved that Alwynne continue as Website Editor with a vote of thanks (M. Head, second; CARRIED)
  7. IFPS Councillor’s Report (R. Mathewes)
  8. Appointment of Auditor
    – R. Mathewes expressed willingness to continue; nominated by B. Van Helden; M. Head, seconder (CARRIED)
  9. Appointment of Nominating Committee
    – C. Yansa and G. Chmura nominated by B. Van Helden; J. Utting, seconder (CARRIED)
  10. Call for Nominations: for Newsletter Editor
    – F. McCarthy nominated by G. Chmura; A. Sweet, seconder (CARRIED)
  11. Call for Nominations: for President-Elect:
    – M. Vetter nominated by M. Head; G. Chmura seconder; M. Pisaric nominated by C. Yansa; names to be forwarded to nominating committee for consideration
  12. Call for Nominations: IFPS Councillor
    – J. N. Haas nominated by F. McCarthy; J. Utting, seconder (CARRIED)
  13. Selection of location for AGM 2005
    – tabled; deferred to solicit opinion of membership
  14. Any Other Business
    – support for joint sponsorship (with AASP) of meeting in Regina, 2007 moved by A. Sweet, M. Head, seconder (CARRIED)
    – discussion of IFPS with IOP (T. Litt proposal for Bonn, 2008)
  15. Closing
    – 8:25 pm

CAP President’s Report

Many of us make a new year’s resolution at the end of the year. Mine, as the current CAP president, is to work closely with the Executive to further communication between our members and gain new members.It is also time to evaluate the progress of our association over the past decades and plan for the future. We have started the process of evaluating how far we have come by presenting a CAP-sponsored poster entitled the “History of Palynological Research in Canada and the Role of the Canadian Association of Palynologists (CAP)” at the 2004 IPC Meet-ing in Granada, Spain. I greatly appreciate the creative input of Alwynne Beaudoin in helping me design this poster. We thank Rolf Mathewes and Francine McCarthy for presenting the poster in our absence and also appreciate the photos and other materials provided by other CAP members.

While at Michigan State University I have had several delightful conversations with Dr Aureal Cross, who has provided me with a historical perspective of the development of palynology and paleobotany as disciplines. I share a summary of these conversations in an essay enclosed in this issue. I encourage other CAP members to chat with the more elderly members of our discipline to share their stories with the readers of our newsletters. Aureal’s remark that our newsletter is the best of all of the microfossil societies attests to the dedication of Mary Vetter and previous newsletter editors, including Alwynne Beaudoin, and other members who have contributed material. Our website, thanks to Alwynne, has been very successful and has increased awareness of our association. Mary and Alwynne provided me with copies of CAP newsletters dating back about 20 years and I have begun a project of scanning them so that by May they will be posted electronically on our website by Alwynne. Once these past newsletters are on-line we can then easily trace the development of our society.

In the upcoming year (2005), CAP members will again play an active role in national and international conferences. Some CAP members plan to participate in the “Geological Problem Solving with Microfossils” meeting at the Rice University Campus in Houston, Texas in March 6-11. There are also two conferences that will be held in Halifax of interest to CAP members: the GAC/MAC meeting in May and the North American Paleontological Convention in June. Finally, several members plan to attend the AASP 38th Annual Meeting to be held in St. Louis, Missouri in September. At the AASP meeting, Vaughn Bryant and I plan to organize a CAP-sponsored session entitled: “What happens to pollen: The trip from anther to microscope slide”. If you are interested in giving a talk in this session or want to organize another CAP-sponsored session, please contact us. The location of the 2005 AGM has not yet been decided, but will be held at one of these meetings and an e-mail message will be sent in advance to notify the members.

Finally, it is my pleasure to thank my colleagues on the CAP executive for their assistance over the last year, especially since I was unable to attend the 2004 AGM in Granada. I welcome Jean Nicolas Haas as our new IFPS Councillor. And I wish you all best wishes for the new year.

Respectfully submitted
Catherine H. Yansa
CAP President 2004-2005

CAP Website Editor’s Report 2004

I have continued to act as Editor for the CAP Website since the last AGM. The presentation is located at, under my own domain (, which I maintain. There are no costs to CAP associated with this hosting. The presentation continues to receive more than 500 accesses each month. It continues to provide a broad array of useful resources and information about CAP to the palynological community, both within Canada and abroad. I draw the attention of CAP members to this resource. I welcome contributions to the website and suggestions for new components to make it more useful. I will be happy to continue as CAP’s Website Editor for another year.Respectfully submitted
Alwynne B. Beaudoin
CAP Website Editor
June 15 2004

IFPS Councillor´s Report 2004/2005

During the last, well-attended, Annual General Meeting of CAP in July 2004 in Granada, Spain, I was elected CAP representative on the Council of the International Federation of Palynological Societies (IFPS) for the period 2004-2008. It is of course with lots of pleasure (and some pride) that I take over this task from my predecessor Rolf W. Matthewes (Simon Fraser University), who did a great job as IFPS councillor (thank you!) during the last years.Being chosen to become IFPS councillor is even more extraordinary to me as I´m not Canadian (but Swiss). However, being very much familiar with the Canadian ´Palyno-scene´ since my 2-years stay (1997-1999) as a post-doc and research associate with Jock H. McAndrews at Toronto (Dept. of Botany & Royal Ontario Museum) and through my ongoing research projects in Ontario and my regularly scheduled vegetation-historical excursions with my students to Ontario and Quebec (the next one being planned for the end of May this year). I hope to do the best possible job as a representative for all Canadian palynologists.

Here also some minutes of the Granada meeting of the IFPS-council on July 8th, 2004: As some of you may already know the decision was taken that the next International Palynological Congress will take place at Bonn, Germany, in the first part of August 2008 (please take note of this date already) and that it will be organized by the IFPS president Prof. Dr. Thomas Litt. In addition, it was decided, that given the generally decreasing number of palynologists and palaeobotanists attending ´their´ main conferences, it would make sense to (again) organize the IPC- and IOPC-Palaeobotany conferences at the same place one after the other (or even with some timely overlapping to allow interdisciplinary exchange of ideas). Th. Litt countered arguments that such an IPC/IOPC conference may be too expensive for students from all over, and for palynologists from developing countries, by indicating that he will try to organize funds for travel or attendance.

Well, last but not least I would like to express that I very much look forward serving CAP as IFPS councillor for the next years, and of course, I would welcome any comments by CAP members or propositions to be made to the IFPS council. On the other hand I will keep you regularly informed about decisions made by the IFPS in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Jean Nicolas Haas
CAP Councillor to IFPS

This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 27(2):1-5, 2004.