Report 2005

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 2005

Meeting held at
38th AASP Meeting, St Louis, Missouri
Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Present (CAP members): Catherine Yansa (Chair, Recording Secretary), Rolf Mathewes, Thomas Demchuk

  1. Welcome and opening of meeting at 5:30 pm. No quorum. Motions were discussed, but voting on nominations will take place at the next CAP meeting (if there’s a quorum).
    – motion to approve agenda, (R. Mathewes, T. Demchuk; CARRIED)
  2. Review and acceptance of Minutes of 2004 AGM
    – motion to approve minutes (T. Demchuk, R. Mathewes; CARRIED)
  3. President’s Report (C. Yansa)
    – C. Yansa agreed to stay on as president until the summer of 2006 on request of Sarah Finkelstein (pending her election as president).
    – motion to approve President’s Reports (R. Mathewes, T. Demchuk; CARRIED)
  4. Secretary/ Treasurer’s Reports (M. Pellatt); read by R. Mathewes
    – R. Mathewes served as Auditor; his help was acknowledged. R. Mathewes requested that renewal reminders be sent to lapsed members.
    – motion to approve Secretary/Treasurer Reports (R. Mathewes, C. Yansa; CARRIED)
  5. Newsletter Editor’s Report (F. McCarthy); read by C. Yansa
    – F. McCarthy was thanked for her efforts. F. McCarthy discussed in her report the cost/benefit of compiling two newsletters a year given the low number of members. She suggested that either CAP membership increase or that we produce only one newsletter a year. This issue was discussed and tabled for the next meeting. C.Yansa volunteered to send lapsed members reminder letters. R. Mathewes stated that CAP should have a membership blitz; one idea is to encourage professors to sign up their graduate students to increase membership
    – motion to approve Newsletter Editor’s Report (R. Mathewes, T. Demchuk; CARRIED)
  6. Webmaster’s Report (A. Beaudoin); read by C. Yansa
    – motion to approve Webmaster’s Report (T. Demchuk, R. Mathewes; CARRIED)
  7. IFPS Councillor’s Report (Jean Nicolas Haas) was not filed this year on request of J.N. Haas, because of a lack of activity.
  8. Nomination Committee
    – R. Mathewes discussed the need for a nomination committee and suggested that senior, well-established palynologists become involved.
  9. Call for Nominations: for President-Elect
    – S. Finkelstein nominated by C. Yansa; R. Mathewes, seconder (CARRIED)
  10. Selection of location for AGM 2006
    – tabled; deferred to solicit opinion of membership
  11. Closing
    – 6:10 pm

2005 CAP Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

i). Membership Report
As of September 8, 2005, CAP had a total of 32 members in good standing. This has been a decrease of 11 members since June 21, 2004. Way to attract new members as well as regain support of past members should be examined. Membership renewal reminders should be sent out to members whose memberships lapsed in 2004.ii). Financial Report
For the period ending September 8, 2005, the balance of the CAP account was $3723.67. The balance remains healthy, and the cost of membership continues to cover our modest costs – newsletter production and mailing, IFPS dues, and bank service charges.

Respectfully submitted
Marlow Pellatt
Secretary-Treasurer, CAP

CAP Website Editor’s Report 2005

I have continued to act as Editor for the CAP Website since the last AGM. The presentation is located at, under my own domain (, which I maintain. There are no costs to CAP associated with this hosting. Accesses to the presentation have steadily increased, to the point that it now receives more than 700 each month. It is perhaps worth mentioning that the presentation has now been available for more than 10 years and is, I believe, the longest-running such presentation focussed on palynology. It continues to provide a broad array of useful resources and information about CAP to the palynological community, both within Canada and abroad. I draw the attention of CAP members to this resource. I welcome contributions to the website and suggestions for new components to make it more useful.I will be happy to continue as CAP’s Website Editor for another year.

Respectfully submitted
Alwynne B. Beaudoin
CAP Website Editor

This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 28(2):1-3, 2005.