Report 2012

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 2012

CAP Annual General Meeting
St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
May 28, 2012

Attendees: Francine McCarthy, Peta Mudie, Florin Pendea (recording secretary).

CAP By-law 19 requires five members in good standing to be present for official business
to be conducted at the Annual General Meeting. Since quorum not reached, no official
business was transacted. The original agenda appears below with points of discussion

1. Welcome, Approval of Agenda

2. Review and Acceptance of 2011 AGM minutes

3. Review and Acceptance of Reports
a) President’s Report, Terri Lacourse
b) Secretary-Treasurer’s Report, Mary Vetter
c) Auditor’s Statement, Dennis R. Braman
d) Newsletter Editor’s Report, Florin Pendea
e) Website Editor’s Report, Alwynne Beaudoin.

-Peta expressed concern on the potential weakening of our international links, mainly
because of the departure of J.N. Haas as CAP Councillor to IFPS.
-Peta proposed to start a workshop on non-pollen palynomorphs.
-Strengthening CAP’s outreach – Francine proposed that CAP ask Geoscience Canada
(GAC Journal) for a half-page ad featuring

4. President-Elect position
Several potential candidates were identified. The CAP Executive board will approach potential candidates in the near future to ascertain their interest.

5. Upcoming Meetings
2013 Joint Meeting of CAP-AASP-Dino 10-NAMS in San Francisco
-Attendees proposed that CAP concentrate its efforts on the 2013 San Francisco meeting. The Organizing Committee has two CAP representatives: Terri Lacourse (CAP
President) and Alwynne Beaudoin (CAP Website Editor).
-Francine will bring additional details forward after the AASP meeting in Lexington, KY.
-2013 CANQUA meeting in Edmonton: CAP convened special session
-Attendees discussed the focus of the next CANQUA meeting and suggested that a CAP sponsored session could focus on the question: “What can Palynology do for other

6. Other business
No other business raised.

7. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned.


CAP President’s Report, 2012

I became President of the Canadian Association of Palynologists on January 1 of this year. The following consists of a brief report on CAP activities since the last Annual General Meeting, which was held August 30, 2011 in Québec City.

At the 2011 AGM, Florin Pendea and Simon Goring volunteered to fill soon-to-be vacant
Executive positions, Newsletter Editor and IFPS Councillor, respectively. Many thanks
to Florin and Simon for volunteering their time and effort. Florin became Newsletter Editor effective January 1, 2012. Simon will take over the IFPS Councillor position at the
IPC meeting in Tokyo in August 2012. The President-Elect position remains vacant.

In December 2011, CAP was invited to meet jointly with AASP, Dino 10, and NAMS (North American Micropaleontology Section of the Society for Sedimentary Geology) in the fall of 2013 in San Francisco, for one large conference that brings together all of these groups. After thoughtful discussion, the CAP Executive agreed that this would be an excellent opportunity for palynologists in CAP to connect with others outside our  Association and we accepted the invitation. Alwynne Beaudoin and I are serving on the 2012 Conference Organizing Committee, along with representatives from AASP, Dino10 and NAMS. The  details of CAP’s participation in the conference program have yet to be determined. In all likelihood, the 2013 CAP Annual General Meeting will occur in San Francisco, in conjunction with this conference. The CAP Executive is also considering sponsoring or convening a special session at the 2013 CANQUA meeting in Edmonton.

Following a recommendation from those in attendance at the 2011 AGM and a review of
CAP finances, the Executive decided to increase the Annual Student Research Award from $200 to $300. This year marks the fourth time CAP has awarded its Annual Student  Research Award. After the March 1 deadline, an adjudication committee consisting of Alwynne Beaudoin, Jean Nicolas Haas, and myself (as Chair) evaluated the three applications we received and came to a unanimous decision. The recipient of the 2012 CAP Student Research Award is Andrea Price (School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria) for her M.Sc. research on “Late Quaternary climatic and oceanographic changes in the North Pacific as recorded by dinoflagellate cysts.” Andrea plans to use the funds towards participation in a SEM training workshop and subsequent user fees to gather images of a new dinoflagellate cyst species found in the Gulf of California.

I would like to welcome all of the new members of who have joined the Association. Finally, I would like to thank all members of the Executive Committee for their hard work
and commitment to CAP over the last year: Matthew Peros (President), Mary Vetter  (Secretary-Treasurer), Florin Pendea (Newsletter Editor), Alwynne Beaudoin (Website Editor), and Jean Nicolas Haas (CAP Councillor to IFPS).

Respectfully submitted,
Terri Lacourse
CAP President, 2012-2013
May 2, 2012


CAP Secretary/Treasurer’s Report, 2012

Year Members
2003 54
2004 43
2005 36
2006 47
2007 51
2008 58
2009 66
2010 64
2011 66
2012 65

Membership Report
As of 16 May 2012, CAP has 65 members in good standing who have paid dues for 2012 or who have received a free membership as a result of winning a CAP Student Award. The chart below shows our membership over the past ten years.

I would like to extend a special welcome to our new members in 2012!

  • Kimberley Ball, University of Calgary
  • Manuel Bringué, University of Victoria
  • Michelle Chaput, University of Ottawa
  • Gail Chmura, McGill University
  • Lise Durantou, Université du Québec à Rimouski
  • Kristen Harrison, University of Victoria
  • Alexandre Lamarre, GEOTOP -Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Benjamin O’Reilly, University of Toronto
  • Andrea Price, University of Victoria
  • Thomas Rodengen, Simon Fraser University
  • Simon van Bellen, University of Aberdeen, UK

Financial Report
For the period ending 16 May 2012, the balance in the CAP account is $6,982.72 (compared to $6,628.78 at the 2011 AGM). Of this amount, $690 represents pre-paid memberships for future years. The 2012 IFPS dues will be paid in early June, to allow any new memberships
taken out at the 2012 AGM to be counted. IFPS dues are $1.50 USD per member.

In general, membership receipts during the year balance expenditures with a modest surplus of around $200.

Recommendations: Paying the outstanding commitment of 2012 IFPS dues will still leave a healthy balance in our account. Our regular annual charges are IFPS dues ($1.50 USD per member), the annual corporation renewal fee (approximately $30), and the CAP Student
Research Award ($300). CAP’s financial position allows us to continue to support, in a modest way, outreach initiatives at conferences (e.g. coffee breaks) and sponsor sessions.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary A. Vetter
CAP Secretary/Treasurer
May 16, 2012

Annual Financial Statement

Financial Statement: 1 August 2011 – 16 May 2012
Income Expenses Balance
Opening balance $6,628.78
Bank interest $0.52
Memberships $779.19
2011 IFPS membership dues $97.18
2012 CAP Student Award $300.00
CAP Annual Registration Fee $28.59
Closing balance Total $779.71 Total $425.77 Total $6,982.72

Statement by Appointed Auditor
I have reviewed the financial statements for CAP and it is my opinion that the financial
statement represents a full and fair account of the financial affairs of the Canadian Association of Palynologists for the period August 1, 2011 to May 16, 2012.

Dennis R. Braman
Curator of Palynology
Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology
Drumheller, Alberta
May 18, 2012


CAP Newsletter Editor’s Report, 2012

I started as Newsletter Editor on January 1st, 2012. For the May Newsletter issue (Vol. 35, Number 1, 2012), I sent out a call for contributions on April 4th 2012, with deadline for April 30th 2012.

The May Newsletter has 13 pages and featured a variety of articles. The President’s Message, New Labs, Recent Publications, and Palynfo sections brought up-to-date  information to the Canadian palynological community. The Palynolit section featured a
beautiful article on Francis Brett Young’s The House under Water by Alwynne Beaudoin
entitled “A doomed valley in Spring”.

A new item was introduced, “The Mystery Grain”, featuring rare and/or difficult to
identify pollen/palynomorph types with an invitation extended to CAP members to send
their opinions on the grain’s identity.

The May Newsletter was distributed to CAP members on May 20th, 2012. Past Newsletters
are available on the CAP website. Contributions for the next issue of the Newsletter
will be accepted until November 15, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,
Florin Pendea
CAP Newsletter Editor
May 22, 2012


CAP Website Editor’s Report, 2012

I have continued as editor for the CAP website since the last AGM. The presentation is
located at, under my own domain ( There are no costs to CAP associated with this hosting. During the past year, accesses to the presentation have usually been between 500 and 600 each month.

The presentation provides various resources and information about CAP to the palynological community. I continue to update time-sensitive sections, such as the conference listing and various announcements. Information about the CAP Student Research Award and the application process, as well as a year-to-year record of the Award recipients, is also included. Back issues of recent CAP Newsletters (though not the latest issue) are archived, making them available to members over the long-term. I have maintained the author listing and index to past CAP Newsletter issues. Other than regular
maintenance, there has been little change to the presentation in the last year.

I would be happy to include more CAP-related material in the web presentation, especially
more images. I would be pleased to receive suggestions or content for new components
to broaden its appeal. If CAP members agree, I am prepared to serve as the Association’s
Website Editor for another year.

Respectfully submitted,
Alwynne B. Beaudoin
CAP Website Editor
May 2, 2012


This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 35(2):6-18, 2012.