Report 2014

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 2014

GSA Annual Meeting,
Vancouver B.C.
12:00 PM, October 21, 2014


Meeting called to order at noon; Simon Goring agreed to take minutes.

1) Approval of agenda.

Proposed: Simon Goring Seconded: Jen O’Keefe

2) Round table introductions.

Introduction of new member Jen O’Keefe, and other members present. Simon Goring, Alwynne Beaudoin, Konrad Gajewski, Marlow Pellatt, Gail Chmura, Andrea Price, Manuel
Bringué, Vera Pospolova, Jonathan Hughes, Francine McCarthy, Kimberly Bell, Terri Lacourse (past president), Jen O’Keefe.

3) Approval of the Minutes from 2013 AGM.

Moved: Vera Pospelova; Seconded: Kimberly Bell

4) President’s Report

Most initiatives were centered around this meeting. Manuel was awarded the student stipend for GSA, in an effort to broaden the appeal to student members. We need to keep CAP vibrant.
Two members of the Executive have announced their intention to step down, so we
will be putting together a nomination committee. We will need a Secretary/Treasurer
and a Website Editor.

5) Secretary/Treasurer’s Report, Mary Vetter (in absentia)

Mary will step down in the next year. We are in good shape financially, and have been using disbursements to try to attract new student/early career members. Moved: Marlow Pellatt, seconded Alwynne Beaudoin.

6) Auditor’s Statement (awaiting statement from auditor, Sarah Finkelstein)

We do not have an auditor’s statement at this point.

7) Newsletter Editor’s Report

Florin is absent- condolences about his field injury and hopes for a speedy recovery.
Summarizes the highlights. Reminds us that the next deadline is Nov. 15th.
Moved: Gail Chmura, seconded: Marlow Pellatt

8) Website Editor’s Report

Alwynne will hand off the website at the next AGM. The Association will also need
to find someone to host it; notes that there may be costs associated with an institution
hosting the site. Recommends finding someone to do it because it will help find connections.
Moved: Gail Chmura; seconded: Konrad Gajewski.

9) IFPS Councillor’s Report

Moved: Jonathan Hughes; seconded: Alwynne Beaudoin.

10) Review of Dues Structure

Keep fee structure same (may be revisited if moving the website costs us money).
Moved: Vera Pospelova; Seconded: Alwynne Beaudoin.

11) CAP Student Research Award

Andrea Price received the student award, cheque to be mailed to her. Congratulations

12) Appointment of Nomination Committee

We would like to form a slate of young candidates for the CAP Executive:
A) President-Elect Position (currently vacant)
B) Secretary/ Treasurer Position
C) Website Editor Position.

Vera Pospelova is willing to stand as President-Elect, filling the year-long vacancy.
Website editor: Gail Chmura has nominated one of her tech-savvy students (not yet a
member) to run for the position of website editor; she will approach him and offered to
cover his CAP dues.
Secretary Treasurer: Kimberly Bell has agreed to run for the position.
Moved: Marlow Pellatt; Seconded: Jonathan Hughes; carried.

13) Discussion on Priorities and Goals for CAP in the coming year

A) Incorporation
Changes to Canadian law mean that there are changes to the charity structure et cetera. Because CAP is a non-profit organization, it is a relatively simple process to reincorporate – Mary and Francine will tackle this by the end of October and circulate to the Executive.

B) By-Laws
By-law changes needed are relatively small to meet the regulations, but the changes
needed to move the association forward are potentially more complicated and will be
discussed at next year’s AGM (drafts of ideas to be forwarded to the membership ahead
of the meeting).
Motion to go forward as a non-profit association: Moved: Terri Lacourse; Seconded: Jonathan Hughes; carried.

C) Motion to change the by-laws to be in compliance with non-profit status. Francine
will send out the new by-laws to review. Moved: Jonathan Hughes; Marlow Pellatt;

D) Motion by Alwynne Beaudoin to review the by-law changes at the next CAP AGM,
with a broader view to move the association forward.
Moved: Alwynne Beaudoin; Seconded: Terri Lacourse; carried.

14) Location for 2015 AGM

Gail Chmura proposes that the next AGM be held with GSA and AASP in Baltimore.
AGU with GAC/MAC in May in Montreal.
There is an agreement (by vote) to meet with AASP and GSA in early November in Baltimore, MD.

15) CAP Sessions at Future Conferences
16) Other Business

Jonathan has provided an updated/ high resolution version of the logo in Illustrator and
offered to make it available on the website.

17) Adjournment

Motion to Adjourn, 12:55 PM: Francine McCarthy; seconded: Alwynne Beaudoin. Carried.


CAP President’s Report

I’d like to begin my report by recognizing the outstanding efforts of my fellow Executive
members, most notably our long-term pillars of the organization – Alwynne Beaudoin (Royal Alberta Museum) who has mamanaged our website for as long as I can remember and Mary Vetter (U Regina) who has been our Secretary/Treasurer for almost that long. I also want to acknowledge the great work of Florin Pendea (Lakehead U) in producing the newsletters – particularly in light of injuries sustained in the field that continue to plague him, and Simon Goring (U Wisconsin) who is the steward of our international presence in the International Federation of Palynological Societies- IFPS.

Most of my energies pertaining to CAP have centered around the Geological Society of
America Annual Meeting held in Vancouver, B.C. October, 2014, where we chose to have
our AGM- in part due to the timing, and in part due to the relatively multidisciplinary
and international gathering there. I was very pleased to run into so many palynologists at
this meeting, and to see so many palynologically-related presentations ans so many CAP
members presenting in a variety of sessions. Special Session T108: Palynology in Geoarchaeological and Environmental Studies that was just shy of the number of abstracts needed for an oral session at his meeting that exceeded expectations and thus put pressure on meeting rooms. Nonetheless, we have a vibrant poster session tomorrow and hope that there are still plenty of people on the last afternoon of the meeting to attend! Presenters include this year’s CAP Student Award recipient – Andrea Price (McGill U) – and Manuel Bringué (U Victoria), who was awarded a registration fee waiver from CAP to  attend this Meeting. This latter initiative was undertaken to provide greater support to students and young professionals- the next generation of palynologists- because it was seen as an excellent use of funds. CAP remains in good shape financially (under the longtime stewardship of Mary Vetter) because we have very few costs in this electronic age.

We have a low but relatively stable membership base that we hope to increase through initiatives like the CAP Student Prize and occasional fee waivers to relevant conferences, but CAP needs to remain relevant, and therefore to have more younger members join Florin Pendea (Lakehead U) and Simon Goring (U Wisconsin) on the Executive in order to ensure that CAP fulfills the needs of the palynological community. This is particularly pressing in light of the impending retirements of Mary Vetter as Secretary/Treasurer and Alwynne as Website Editor by next year – when my term as President also ends. One of the key outcomes of our current (antiquated) by-laws is to nominate the following year’s Executive – or ideally, a slate of candidates for election to these positions) – so I hope we can accomplish that today.

The most pressing issue facing CAP, and to be spearheaded by the current Executive (hopefully with support from the entire organization) is to revisit our by-laws in light
of a changing political landscape around incorporation and not for profit organizations,
to be discussed today.

Respectfully submitted,
Francine McCarthy
CAP President
October 21, 2014


CAP Newsletter Editor’s Report, 2014

Since my last report, two issues of the CAP Newsletter have been produced. The December 2013 Newsletter (Vol. 36, No. 2) had 26 pages and was distributed to CAP members on December 28, 2013. Most notably, the December 2013 newsletter featured an article
on non pollen palynomorphs by F. McCarthy and notes from two scientific venues
where CAP had a significant presence: the AASP-CAPNAMS-CIMP-Dino10 meeting
in San Francisco and the CANQUA meeting in Edmonton. As per CAP Bylaws, this issue also included minutes of the 2013 CAP Annual General Meeting.

The May 2014 Newsletter (Vol. 37, No. 1) was distributed to members on May 28, 2014. It consisted of 19 pages and included an article on the history of palynology at GSC Calgary as well as a comprehensive address from the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences regarding their role in promoting Canadian earth sciences research. The President’s Message, New Labs, Recent Publications, and Palynfo sections brought up-to-date information to the Canadian palynological community. This issue also featured a beautiful piece by Alwynne Beaudoin in our traditional PalynoLit series on Brian Doyle’s “Mink River”.

I would like to remind our members that our past Newsletters are available in electronic
format on the CAP website. Contributions for the next issue of the Newsletter will be
accepted until November 15, 2014.

Respectfully submitted,
Florin Pendea
October 19, 2014


CAP Website Editor’s Report, 2014

I have continued to maintain the website since the last AGM. The presentation provides
various resources and information about CAP to the palynological community. I update time-sensitive sections, such as the conference listing and various announcements
as needed. Information about the CAP Student Research Award and the application
process, as well as a year-to-year record of the Award recipients, is also included. Back
issues of recent CAP Newsletters (though not the latest issue) are archived, making them
available to members over the long-term. I have maintained the author listing and index
to past CAP Newsletter issues.

I would be happy to include more CAP-related material in the web presentation, especially
more images. I would be pleased to receive suggestions or content for new components
to broaden its appeal.

This report also brings the AGM my intention to step down as CAP’s Website editor. In 2015 it will be twenty years that I have held this position and I feel it is definitely time for fresh eyes and a fresh approach to the website. I would like to give another CAP member the opportunity to shape this important outreach tool to suit CAP’s current and future needs. I ask, therefore, that a search committee be struck to solicit candidates to take on this position. CAP will also need to find a new hosting venue for the website. I will, of course, help with transferring files and redirecting users to the new location.
In order to make a smooth transition, I am prepared to stay on in this position until the
2015 AGM, if the members approve.

Respectfully submitted
Alwynne B. Beaudoin
October 14 2014


IFPS Representative’s Report, 2014

I don’t have much to report at this time. CAP remains one of the 25 affiliated international
societies of the International Federation of Palynological Societies. The next issue of Palynos should arrive in December of this year. I plan on submitting an article about the Canadian Association of Palynologists for that issue. If anyone has anything they’d like to see included please let me know. The next International Palynological Congress will be held in 2016 in Salvador, Brazil.

Respectfully submitted,
Simon Goring
October, 2014
Statement by the Appointed Auditor

I have reviewed the financial statements for CAP and it is my opinion that the documents
and report submitted represent a full and fair account of the financial affairs of the Canadian Association of Palynologists for the period October 2013 to October 2014. I consider the financial affairs of CAP to be in good order.

Yours sincerely,
Sarah A Finkelstein
Email: finkelstein[at]es[dot]utoronto[dot]ca


CAP Secretary/Treasurer’s Report, 2014

1) Membership Report

As of 8 October 2014, CAP has 59 members in good standing who have paid dues for 2014 or who have received a free membership as a result of winning a CAP Student Award. The chart below shows our membership over the past eleven years.

Year Members
2004 43
2005 36
2006 47
2007 51
2008 58
2009 66
2010 64
2011 66
2012 65
2013 65
2014 59

I would like to extend a special welcome to our new member in 2014: Anna Agosta
G’meiner, McGill University This membership report is somewhat worrying, as we are losing members to retirement, completion of graduate studies, or career changes faster than we are gaining new members.

2) Financial Report

For the period ending 8 October 2014, the balance in the CAP account is $7,234.10 (compared to $6,843.83 at the 2013 AGM). Of this amount, $590 represents pre-paid memberships for future years. IFPS dues ($1.50 USD per member) have not yet been paid for 2014 as I am awaiting an invoice; the dues amount owing is $88.50 USD. As well, the CAP Student Award ($300) for 2014 has issued been issued but has not yet cleared. In general, membership receipts during the year balance expenditures.

3) Recommendations:

CAP’s financial position allows us to continue to support, in a modest way, outreach initiatives at conferences (e.g. coffee breaks), sponsor sessions, and other initiatives.
Financial Statement for the period 4 October 2013 – 8 October 2014

The closing balance includes 59 prepaid annual memberships in the amount of $590.00
for the years 2015-2021. This will affect the income from this source for the years indicated.

As of 31 May 2014, the Bank of Montreal is no longer paying interest on Community Accounts. This has a negligible impact on CAP as our interest receipts were around $0.06
per month.

As of 31 May 2014, the Bank of Montreal is charging a monthly administration fee of
$2.50; however, accounts with a minimum monthly balance of $5,000 receive a waiver
on this fee. CAP has therefore not been charged the new monthly administration fee
to date.

2014 IFPS membership dues will be paid as soon as the invoice is received (the Treasurer
is away for an extended period). The dues are $1.50 USD per member, for a total owing
for 2014 of $88.50 USD.

The cheque for the CAP Student Award will be presented in person at the AGM.

Respectfully submitted by
Mary Vetter
CAP Secretary/Treasurer
8 October 2014

Annual Statement 4 October 2013 – 8 October 2014
Income Expenses Balance
Opening balance $6,843.83
Bank interest $0.41
Memberships $504.86
2014 IFPS membership dues Waiting for invoice from IFPS
($88.50 USD)
2014 CAP Student Award To be presented at the AGM
Reimburse students registration fees for GSA 2014 $115.00
Closing balance Total $505.27 Total $115.00 $7,234.10


This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 37(2):4-22, 2014, and was slightly edited for clarity.