Report 2015

Minutes of the Canadian Association of Palynologists
Annual General Meeting, 2015

November 3, 2015
(GSA, Baltimore, Md)

Members Present:
President (Francine McCarthy)
Simon Goring
Jennifer Galloway
Qiang Yao (new member)
Jennifer O’Keefe
Kimberley Bell

Recording secretary:
Morgan Black, Morehead State U.

Meeting called to order, 11:55AM; Agenda approved unanimously.

Approval of Minutes of the Last Meeting (moved: Simon Goring; seconded: Jen O’Keefe; carried unanimously).

President’s Report (moved: Simon Goring; seconded: Jen O’Keefe; carried unanimously)

CAP is now a federally incorporated not-for-profit incorporation thanks largely to the efforts of Mary Vetter; updated the bylaws have to be ratified (Mary is planning to retire, CAP is looking for someone to take the position of Secretary/Treasurer position.

Financial standing of CAP is good; there is relatively little room for additional expenditures but members expressed a desire to see an increase in the amount of the
money allotted to the CAP student award in light of the exceptionally strong competition this year (ultimately awarded to Kimberly Bell).

Vera Pospelova is the current President Elect; nominations will be sought for this position (Francine McCarthy willing to stay in the position an additional year, as agreed at the last AGM); call will go out for nominations for the positions of Secretary/ Treasurer, Website Editor and President-Elect by email.

CAP is looking for location that is likely to draw CAP members for next year’s AGM.

Secretary’s Report (moved: Kimberly Bell; seconded: Simon Goring; carried unanimously).

CAP is in good financial standing (statement received from auditor, Sarah Finkelstein).

CAP is looking for new, vibrant/active members to join.

Website Editor’s Report (moved: Kimberly Bell; seconded: Simon Goring; carried unanimously)

Alwynne Beaudoin would like to step down, so nominations will be sought for this position. Qiang Yao has volunteered to stand for election for the Website Editor

Newsletter Editor’s Report (moved: Kimberly Bell; seconded: Jen O’Keefe; carried unanimously)

Florin Pendea is seeking submissions for the December Newsletter, particularly
for articles.

New Business

The IPC 2016 meeting will be in Salvador Brazil.

For the 2016 AGM meeting, there has been expressed interest in the AASP-TSP & TSOP meeting in Houston as well as the IFCP meeting in Salvador Brazil. Membership will be polled before a decision is made.

Motion: To increase CAP student research award to 500 dollars, the best application will be awarded 300 dollars and at the discretion of the jury 200 dollars will be awarded to comparable applicants (moved: Simon Goring; seconded: Jen O’Keefe; carried unanimously).
Motion Passes.

Motion: To accept the changes made to the bylaws (moved: Jennifer Galloway; seconded: Jen O’Keefe; carried unanimously).

Meeting Adjourned, 12:45 PM.


CAP President’s Report, 2015

This has been an important year for CAP in light of changes in the laws governing incorporation. We are greatly indebted to our long-time Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Vetter, who did virtually all the legwork in getting CAP incorporated as a not for profit organization – thank you Mary! All that is left to do is vote on the by-laws to make things legal.

CAP is in good financial shape, and I think that our decision to award more money to students in order to promote Palynology has produced good dividends already without really depleting our coffers since we have few expenses since our newsletter has gone
fully electronic- with the one-time expenditure this year to put us in compliance as a
federally incorporated association being the biggest drain on our finances in a long time.
Congratulations to Kimberley Bell who won this year’s award in a tightly contested competition. I would like us to consider expanding both the number and dollar value of student awards before I step down as President. Vera Pospelova is our current President-
Elect and will be taking up the reins at next year’s AGM, and I have agreed to stay on as
President until then.

A very professional-looking Newsletter continues to be produced twice yearly, in compliance with our bylaws, by Florin Pendea, but this can’t be done without input from the membership. Please send in your contributions for the December Newsletter by November 15, and remember- you, the membership, determine the content of the newsletter and direction of the organization… I don’t want it to become a series of essays
written by me on my favourite topics!!!

Both Mary Vetter and Alwynne Beaudoin, our long-time Website Editor, have expressed
a desire to step down from their roles when someone agrees to take on these important roles on the CAP Executive. I have heard several of our younger members express an interest in getting more involved in CAP and these positions would be a good opportunity to do so.

The most pressing issue facing CAP, and to be spearheaded by the current Executive
(hopefully with support from the entire organization) is to revisit our by-laws in light
of a changing political landscape around incorporation and not for profit organizations,
to be discussed today.

One of the most important decisions at every AGM is choosing a location for our next meeting (required by the regulations for incorporation). It is important to be inclusive
of the various interests of our membership, not all of whom have a strong geological focus,
as well as considering accessibility of the location to our membership in order to attempt to achieve quorum. Suggestions are welcome!

Respectfully submitted,
Francine McCarthy
CAP President
November 3, 2015


CAP Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
30 October 2015

Membership Report

As of 30 October 2015, CAP has 58 members in good standing who have paid dues for 2015 or who have received a complimentary membership as a result of winning a CAP Student Award. The chart below shows our membership over the past twelve years.

I would like to extend a special welcome to our new members in 2015: Kristen Michels, Clayton Shearer, Magdalena Sobol, Dr. Glenn Stuart, and Dr. Maria Velez.

The membership numbers continue to be of concern, as we are losing members to retirement, completion of graduate studies, or career changes faster than we are gaining new members. A significant source of new members is the students who are applying for the CAP Student Award. It is very important that all CAP members encourage students
and newly-appointed colleagues to consider membership in CAP!

Financial Report

For the period ending 30 October 2015, the balance in the CAP account is $6891.31 (compared to $7234.10 at the 2014 AGM). Of this amount, $540 represents pre-paid or
grants of CAP Student Award memberships for future years. IFPS dues ($1.50 USD per
member) have not yet been paid for 2014 or 2015 as several attempts to reach the IFPS Treasurer, following verification of the Treasurer’s name and contact information, have not been successful. I am awaiting an invoice; the dues amount owing is $177.00 USD (approximately $226.00 CAD). In 2014-2015 we had the additional one-time expense of $224.67 to incorporate federally with Corporations Canada.

Year Members
2004 43
2005 36
2006 47
2007 51
2008 58
2009 66
2010 64
2011 66
2012 65
2013 65
2014 60
2015 58

In general, membership receipts during the year balance expenditures. For example, here is a breakdown of annual income and expenditures with 58 members: dues receipts are $580 the CAP Student Award is $300 IFPS dues are approximately $110 CAD fees for filing the annual to Corporations Canada are $20.

This leaves an annual positive balance of approximately $150 to spend on support of coffee breaks at conferences and other activities.

Recommendations: CAP’s financial position allows us to continue to support, in a modest
way, outreach initiatives at conferences (e.g. coffee breaks), sponsor sessions, and other
initiatives. I recommend that CAP continue to use some of its accrued bank balance to support active promotion of CAP and recruitment of new members. However, CAP will not want its bank account balance to drop below $5,000.00 as this minimum monthly balance
results in a waiver of monthly administration fees of $2.50 that would be charged by the
Bank of Montreal.


Financial Statement for the period 8 October 2014—30 October 2015

The closing balance includes 54 prepaid annual memberships in the amount of $540.00
for the years 2016-2021. This will affect the income from this source for the years indicated. As of 31 May 2014, the Bank of Montreal is charging a monthly administration fee of $2.50; however, accounts with a minimum monthly balance of $5,000 receive a waiver on this fee. CAP has therefore not been charged the new monthly administration fee to date.

2014 and 2015 IFPS membership dues will be paid as soon as the invoice is received. The dues are $1.50 USD per member, for a total owing for 2014 and 2015 of $177.00 USD.

Respectfully submitted
Mary Vetter
CAP Secretary/Treasurer

Annual Statement
8 October 2014—30 October 2015
Income Expenses Balance
Opening balance $7,234.10
Memberships $481.88
2014 and 2015 IFPS membership dues (Waiting for invoice from IFPS ($177.00 USD)) — not yet accounted
2014 and 2015 CAP Student Awards (2014 cheque cashed after 2014 AGM) $600.00
One-time Corporations Canada registration fees $200.00
One-time Corporations
Canada name search fees
Closing balance Total $481.88 Total $824.67 $6,891.31


CAP Newsletter Editor’s Report, 2015

Since my last report, two issues of the CAP Newsletter have been produced. The December
2014 Newsletter (Vol. 37, No. 2) had 26 pages and was distributed to CAP members on January 26, 2015. Most notably, the December newsletter featured an article on  dinoflagellates by F. McCarthy and one on Paleoecoinformatics by S. Goring
(University of Wisconsin). This issue also included letters from members featuring information on various professional events, summer school, and information on palynology in other countries. As per CAP Bylaws, this issue also included minutes of the 2014 CAP Annual General Meeting.

The May 2015 Newsletter (Vol. 38, No. 1) was distributed to members on July 21, 2015. It consisted of 13 pages and included important information on CAP federal incorporation, an arduous task that Mary Vetter, our Secretary-Treasurer, completed successfully on June 23rd, 2015. Thank you Mary! This issue also included the announcement of the winner of the 2014 annual CAP Student Research Award. Congratulations to Kimberly Bell, PhD candidate at University of Calgary, who was the winner of the award. The May newsletter also featured a very interesting article on improving lake level reconstruction using various taphonomic features of microfossils, written by our president Francine McCarthy.

I would like to remind our members that past Newsletters are available in electronic format on the CAP website. Contributions for the next issue of the Newsletter will be accepted until November 15, 2015.

Respectfully submitted,
Florin Pendea
CAP Newsletter Editor
October 30, 2015


CAP Website Editor’s Report, 2015

I have continued to maintain the website at a fairly minimal level since the last AGM. I have been provided with little new content, other than occasional updates to the Directory
listing, and issues of the CA P Newsletter for archiving.

In my view, the webpage is now functioning more or less as an archive and resource of CAP-related material and has ceased to be an active site or a venue for engagement with the palynological community. With the discussion at this AGM around our by-laws and potentially other changes to our governance, this may be an opportune time to discuss
the role and function of a web-site and assess what form and format it should take
from here on.

As I noted in my report last year, I would like to step down as CAP’s Website editor. Having been on the CAP Executive for many years, I feel it is time I stood aside and let someone else shape this outreach portal for CAP.

I look forward welcoming an incoming Web Editor. CAP will also need to find a new hosting venue for the website. I will, of course, help with transferring files and redirecting
users to the new location and ensuring a smooth transition.

Although I would prefer to step down, I am prepared to stay on in this position until the
2016 AGM, if no replacement steps forward.

Respectfully submitted
Alwynne B. Beaudoin
CAP Website Editor
October 28 2015


CAP Financial Audit, 2015

Mary Vetter
Canadian Association of Palynologists
November 3, 2015

Dear Mary:
I have reviewed the financial statements for CAP and it is my opinion that the documents
and report submitted represent a full and fair account of the financial affairs of the Canadian Association of Palynologists for the period October 2014 to October 2015. I consider the financial affairs of CAP to be in good order.

Yours sincerely,
Sarah A Finkelstein
Associate Professor
Email: finkelstein[at]es[dot]utoronto[dot]ca


This summary originally appeared in CAP Newsletter 38(2):7-11, 2015.