Report 2018

Note: The following Minutes and reports from the Executive will be published in the CAP Newsletter Volume 41 Number 2.


Minutes of the 2018 CAP Annual General Meeting
August 7, 2018
Calgary, AB

Members present: Anna Pieńkowski (Chair), Manuel Bringué (Recording Secretary), Kimberley (Kim) Bell, Thomas Demchuk, Robert (Rob) Fensome, Jennifer (Jen) Galloway, Francine McCarthy, Sandy McLachlan, Vera Pospelova, Diana Tirlea. Quorum reached.

Meeting called to order by Anna Pieńkowski, 12:00 pm MDT

  1. Acceptance of agenda

Manuel B. provided paper copies to members present. Anna P. asked for additions to the agenda, none were proposed. Francine M. moved to accept the agenda; seconded by Manuel B. Agenda accepted.

Agenda and all reports from the Executive are appended to the Minutes.

  1. Reading of the minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting, Victoria, BC

Minutes accepted unanimously.

  1. Business arising from Minutes

No new business arising.

  1. President’s report, Audrey Limoges

Anna P. read out loud CAP President Audrey Limoges’ report in absentia. In her report (appended), Audrey L. thanked several CAP members for their contributions and discussed this years’ CAP Student Research Award success and challenges. In particular, “the difficulty of comparing students from different levels and the mandate of the award” were issues raised again by the evaluation committee. Audrey L. proposes a new evaluation scheme where the “proposed use of funds and impact of the award on the student’s project or training be worth 30 %.” The following discussion around the CAP Student Award can be resumed as follows:

  • Anna P. mentioned that comparing applicants’ CVs with very different formatting proved challenging. Francine M. suggested to use the Tri-Council CV format as a template, and members present agreed that it could be encouraged, though not imposed.
  • Vera P. reiterated that the evaluation committee should have the option to split the award between two applicants of different levels if their applications are ranked equally. Diana T. highlighted that a higher award amount is necessary to attract applicants. It was agreed that the wording (on announcements and the website) should be changed to “between $200 and $500”, and leaves the possibility of splitting the award, which still helps strengthen the students’ CVs. Manuel B. accepted to emend the wording on the website.
  • Manuel B., on behalf of the CAP Student Award evaluation committee, congratulated Sandy McLachlan (present) for being the recipient of the award.

Motion to accept the President’s report by Vera P., seconded by Manuel B. Report accepted.

  1. Secretary/Treasurer report: Jessie Holst Vincent

Anna P. read out loud CAP Secretary/Treasurer Jessie Vincent’s report in absentia. In terms of membership, our numbers are stable but low (40 members in good standing). The financial report indicates that the association is running at a loss, which is not a pressing matter but may become so with the increased amount of the CAP Student Award. Jessie V. also highlighted that e-transfers were successfully used to pay membership dues without difficulty from Canada, but American and overseas members continue to experience problems, an inconvenience that PayPal may help to offset at a minimum cost.

Members present discussed the following:

  • Rob F. suggested to send annual emails to members encouraging donations. Francine M. added that the email should include some positive message about the association and the potential impact of their donations.
  • Regarding the use of PayPal, Vera P. proposed to increase annual membership dues to $15, which is still very low. This would cover any PayPal charge and help the association balance the books. The idea was well received and resulted in the following proposition:
  • Francine M. formally proposed to increase annual membership dues to $15 (only applicable upon renewal, not for members who have already paid up to three years of membership), or $40 for three years, effective Jan. 2019, seconded by Vera. All present voted in favour; the motion passed unanimously. Announcements should be made in the December Newsletter and on the website.

Motion to accept the Secretary/Treasurer report by Vera P., seconded by Manuel B. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Auditor’s Statement, Mary A. Vetter

Auditor’s Statement was accepted unanimously; Mary V. was thanked for her review. Rob F. moved to accept the Auditor’s Statement, seconded by Jen G. Report accepted.

  1. Newsletter Editor’s report, Florin Pendea

Anna P. read CAP Newsletter Editor Florin Pendea’s report in absentia. The report highlights the content of the last two Newsletters and reminds members that contributions for the December issue will be accepted until November 15, 2018.

  • Vera P. thanked Florin P. for doing such a fantastic job on editing and distributing all CAP Newsletters on time.
  • Manuel B. accepted to provide a brief summary of the 51st Annual Meeting of AASP-The Palynological Society joint with CAP (Calgary, AB), with picture(s) provided by Kim B, for the next issue of the Newsletter.

Motion to accept the Newsletter Editor’s report by Manuel B., seconded by Vera P. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Website Editor’s report, Manuel Bringué

Manuel B. reported steady numbers of people viewings of the CAP website and slightly increased traffic in February, likely in preparation for the CAP Student Award which deadline is on March 1st of each year. Most views are from Canada but the website is also accessed from abroad, in particular from the US, UK and India. Manuel B. encouraged members to contribute with pictures of palynomorphs and opportunities to populate the ‘Opportunities’ page.

  • Jen G. suggested to add a link to the Geological Survey of Canada’s palynology lab (Jen G. and Manuel B.).
  • The ‘Opportunities’ page was discussed and little relevance was found. Vera P. moved to delete the page from the website, seconded by Jen G. Motion passed.
  • It was pointed out that it would be best to indicate on Alwynne Beaudoin’s old CAP website that it is not the current, active website for the association. Manuel agreed to contact Alwynne with that request.
  • Diana T. suggested that donations be encouraged more actively on the website. Kim B. proposed to suggest CAP membership and/or donations as Christmas gifts during the end-of-year season on the website. Manuel B. agreed to display such a message in December.
  • Sandy M. raised the issue of copyright when sharing a picture for the website. Manuel B. reassured that the names of the picture’s author would be embedded before being displayed on the website, but the possibility of copyright infringement with illustrations also included in journal publications remains. While there is little concern over this, Vera P. suggested that a slightly different image to one published be submitted.
  1. CAP Councillor to IFPS’s report, Simon Goring

Unfortunately, no report was provided and Simon G. could not be reached despite multiple attempts.

Vera P. suggested that Francine McCarthy (present) be nominated for the role of CAP Councillor to IFPS, highlighting Francine’s extended experience of CAP Executive duties and her ability to represent CAP at the next IFPS meeting that she will attend. Thus:

  • Manuel B. moved to nominate Francine McCarthy (present) as CAP Councillor to IFPS, seconded by Jen G. All present members were in favour and the motion was passed unanimously. Francine M. was welcomed back on the CAP Executive!
  1. Appointment of Auditor

Members present suggested Sarah Finkelstein and Terri Lacourse as potential auditors for future reviews of CAP membership and financial statements.

Motion to appoint Sarah Finkelstein or Terri Lacourse as future auditors by Francine M., seconded by Rob F. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Location for 2019 AGM

The GAC-MAC Annual Meeting 2019 in Quebec City (May 13–15) was identified as a good venue to hold the next CAP Annual General Meeting, since it is likely to draw many CAP members, especially from the eastern part of the country, after several AGMs held in more western locations.

Motion to hold the 2019 CAP AGM at the GAC-MAC Annual Meeting 2019 by Francine M., seconded by Jen G. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Priorities and goals

The following points were discussed:

  • CAP President’s suggestions to emend the CAP Student Award evaluation scheme was well received and supported.
  • Anna P. volunteered to use Twitter to enhance CAP’s visibility. Concerns were raised over unapproved content (pictures and text); permission should be sought before posting anything.
  • It was suggested that pictures of the Executive be included on the website to make it more personable. Manuel B. will include such pictures, pending individual consent.
  • Contributions to the CAP Newsletter (pictures, biographies, etc.) were encouraged again.
  1. Other Business

It was discussed whether the By-laws should be amended with limited term positions for members of the Executive, but the idea raised some concerns and no motion was put forth at this AGM. It was suggested that this point be discussed at the next AGM, possibly with more members of the Executive present.

  1. Adjournment

Kim B. moved to adjourn the AGM, seconded by Anna P. Meeting adjourned at ~ 1:30 pm MDT.