Report 2019

Note: The following Minutes and reports from the Executive will be published in the CAP Newsletter Volume 42 Number 1.


Minutes of the 2018 CAP Annual General Meeting
May 14, 2019
Québec City, QC

 Members present (in person or via Skype*): Audrey Limoges* (Chair), Manuel Bringué* (Recording Secretary), Emily Ellefson*, Jessie Holst Vincent*, Francine McCarthy, Florin Pendea*. Quorum reached.

Meeting called to order by Audrey Limoges, 11:00 am ET.

 1. Acceptance of agenda

Audrey L. asked for additions to the agenda, none were proposed. Manuel B. moved to accept the agenda, seconded by Florin P. Agenda accepted.

Agenda and all reports from the Executive are appended to the minutes.

2. Reading of the minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting, Calgary, AB

Audrey L. read the 2018 AGM minutes out loud. Minutes accepted unanimously.

3. Business arising from minutes

Following on the topic raised at the 2018 AGM, a discussion was held about the possibility to establish fixed terms for positions on the CAP executive. Members present highlighted the difficulty to find volunteers and members of the executive in place should continue to serve if they are still willing to, as is currently practiced. Florin P. emphasized that a call for volunteers should still be made amongst the CAP membership, at least at every AGM. Consensus was reached on continuing current practices.

4. President’s report, Audrey Limoges

CAP President Audrey L. read her report in which she highlighted the low number of applications to the CAP award in the 2019 competition. The association’s website and Twitter account are good platforms to promote the award in the future. Audrey L. extends her thanks to the hard-working members of the executive.

5. Secretary/Treasurer report: Jessie Holst Vincent

CAP Secretary/Treasurer Jessie V. delivered her report, starting with welcoming three new members. Membership was low at the time of the meeting but this was rather due the early date of the AGM. Jessie V. had several members contacting her since she wrote the report and membership is on track to be at least at par with last year’s numbers.

Jessie V. thanked the first two donors to the CAP Student Award, Thomas Demchuk and Diane Tirlea. Francine M. suggested to include a note in the Newsletter about these donations as they greatly help the association. It was agreed to acknowledge people who also contribute in other ways (e.g., postage to send Newsletters to National Library [Florin] and checks [Jessie]).

CAP dues to IFPS are now paid, thanks to Francine M. who put Jessie V. in touch with Jim Riding, with CAP catching up on fees for the last two years only. Jessie V. calculated that a membership of 38 is needed to maintain balance in CAP’s bank account. Jessie V. was thanked for her continued great work as CAP Secretary/Treasurer.

6. Auditor’s Statement, Terri Lacourse

Auditor’s Statement was read by Audrey L. and accepted unanimously; Terri L. was thanked for her review.

7. Newsletter Editor’s report, Florin Pendea

CAP Newsletter Editor Florin P. reported on only one new issue (December 2018 Newsletter, Vol. 41, No.2) since the last AGM, due to the early date of the 2019 AGM. Florin deeply thanked all contributors and highlighted Francine M.’s journal-quality contribution on freshwater dinoflagellates, among others.

Florin P. suggested to include a biographical piece on some renown Canadian palynologists in a future issue of the newsletter, emphasizing the importance of recognising people’s contributions to the domain of palynology. The idea was very well received and some names were already suggested.

8. Website Editor’s report, Manuel Bringué

CAP Website Editor Manuel B. reported a healthy state for the CAP website, with a slight increase in views worldwide. No increase in views prior to the CAP Student Award deadline of March 1st was observed; rather, viewers seemed to be more consistently accessing the site throughout the year. Manuel B. suggested to include a link to the CAP Twitter account and encouraged members to contribute pictures to enhance the appearance and appeal of the website. The Opportunities page is also back online and members are encouraged to populate it.

Jessie V. raised the important point that the Membership form on the website needs to be updated to reflect new costs as voted at the 2018 AGM in Calgary.

9. CAP Councillor to IFPS’s report, Francine McCarthy

CAP Councillor to IFPS Francine M. reported on re-established contact with IFPS, with the Association now being in good standing on the international front. CAP’s membership gives members access to PALYNOS, a real mine of information. The next IPC will be held in Prague in Sept. 2020, which is a possible venue to consider holding the next CAP AGM.

Motion by Francine M. to accept all reports, seconded by Jessie V. All reports accepted.

10. Applications CAP Student Award

Florin P. commented on the fact that the process surrounding CAP Student Award may be too close to the Executive and that the association would benefit from opening it up, especially when evaluating and ranking applications. Audrey L. reassured that no direct conflict of interest exists since supervisors of students who submit applications have never been asked to review applications. Francine M. suggested to make it a practice to ask other CAP members (not sitting on the Executive) to review applications, and have members of the Executive review applications only if no other volunteer could be found. It was also suggested to reach out beyond CAP members as well as to past recipients, which could also help increase membership numbers and/or renewals.

Florin P. moved on the fact that CAP henceforth asked the wider CAP membership to review CAP Student Awards applications, seconded by Francine M. Audrey L. moved to vote, seconded by Manuel B. Vote was unanimously in favor and CAP will adopt this strategy going forward.

11. Timing of AGM (with regard to financial reporting)

Jessie V. explained that reporting on finances by calendar year, as opposed to ever-changing time intervals between consecutive AGMs, would make financial reporting more consistent, as is considered best practice in the accounting world. The Secretary /Treasurer would also provide an update for each AGM. Consensus was reached on reporting CAP finances by calendar year.

12. Location for 2020 AGM

The XV IPC (Prague, Czech Republic, Sept. 12-19 2020) was proposed as a possible venue for the 2020 CAP AGM, but CAP members should be consulted before making a decision. A note will be included in the next Newsletter and an email will be sent to all members for suggestions and preferences.

[Florin P. and Jessie V. had to leave the meeting at this point.]

13. Priorities and goals

The following points were discussed:

  • Bringué noted that the field of Paleontology in general is looking on the upside, which bodes rather well for the future of the association and its members.
  • Broad priorities should remain the same (in particular attracting and retaining members, promoting the CAP Student Award). CAP is a small but healthy association.
  • It was suggested to invite applications or nominations for the position of President-Elect (which will become vacant when Audrey L. steps down as President and is relieved by current President-Elect Anna Pienkowski on January 1, 2020) in the next issue of the CAP Newsletter.

14. Other Business

No other business arose.

15. Adjournment

Francine M. moved to adjourn the AGM, seconded by Manuel B. Meeting adjourned at ~ 12:15 pm ET.